800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria set out to create a new category in the pizza marketplace by serving the finest wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza in a counter service, choose-your-own environment.

As a restaurant concept, 800 Degrees combines the value of a conventional pizzeria with the quality-focused, ingredient-driven, chef-inspired approach of the new urban pizza “temples.”

They offer a compelling model for a new style of fast-food pizza. The typical by-the-slice pizza joint often serves a poor quality, non-customizable product that is frequently stale, greasy and unhealthy. 800 Degrees addresses the need for a new approach by providing fully-customizable, individually-sized pizzas baked from scratch with quality ingredients in just moments.

Although 800 Degrees branding is both clean and modern, it also references classic Italian architecture and incorporates retro illustration styles. The look and feel of the brand typeface, logo, and design elements evoke old-world Italian pizzerias and subway stations in New York, but also identifies something new and fresh by way of their arrangement and novel combination of materials.

The logo, menus, T-shirts, and pizza boxes use a lot of black and white for a clean, high contrast look which also allows for economical printing and reproduction costs. The beautifully carved, pew-like seating and shiny, copper oven hoods warm up the look of the interior space, while the eighteen custom-made, vintage-style pizza boxes that adorn the menu board wall add more color and visual interest for dining customers.

AD and GD: Jessica Booth

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